Night Flight

A film by Kenan Görgün, 2018

Genre: Drama

Languages: French

Subtitles: xxx

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: 17 min

Countries: Belgium

Year: 2018



20 years old, slim, brown, rather handsome boy, University student, Belgian mother, Turkish father. Spoken languages : French, notions of English. Turkish ? Nothingness. Travel : European city trips, New-York, Cuba. Turkey ? A few all-inclusive holidays with his parents on the Riviera, like any tourist. Contacts with his Turkish paternal family ? Nothingness too. Such is Kemal the day where he discovers that for years his father has been sending money to Turkey, to a woman and to her two children just older than Kemal. Sends each month, like alimony that does not say his name.



Director: Kenan Görgün

Screenplay: Kenan Görgün

Image: Kinan Massarani

Sound: Luis Trinques

Production Designer: Cédric Van Eesbeek

Costumes: Anjulie Wesel

Make-up: Sandra Campisi

Editing: John Pirard

Music: Tiago Mesquita


Cast: Robin Petit, Ekin Corapci, Ayhan Vatandas, Aurélie Frennet


Produced by Tarantula Belgique.

Distribution: Imagine Film



Writer before director, Kenan Görgün is the author of “Rebellion Park” (2015 Literature SCAM Prize) and of “Delia on my Mind” (Marcel Thiry Prize). He works in cinema production by writting several scenarios for a dozen of films and directing his first short film: “Yadel” (2010). Besides “Night Flight”, he’s making the adaptation of his novel “Anatolia Rhapsody”.