The Time of a moment

A film by Kate Voet & Victor Maes, 2024

Genre: Drama

Languages: French, English, Dutch

Format: XR

Son: 5.1

Duration: 15 min

Countries: Belgium, Luxembourg, Netherlands

Year: 2024



THE TIME OF A MOMENT is a magical experience about transformation, loneliness, and loss, but above all love. It is the story of Ida, a 72-year-old pianist living with dementia, whose husband has recently passed away. Knowing he would soon be gone, he left tape recordings in their apartment in an attempt to stay by Ida’s side and to bring back some memories. We experience a day in Ida’s life, as she is waiting for her husband to come home until we slowly realize he never will.



Director: Kate Voet & Victor Maes

Script: Kate Voet & Victor Maes


Production: Cassette for Timescapes (Belgium), Tarantula (Luxembourg), Valk Productions (Netherlands).