A film by Mehdi Hmili, 2019

Genre: Social Drama

Languages: Arabic

Subtitles: French / English

Format: HD

Sound: 5.1

Duration: 115 min

Countries: Tunisia, France, Luxembourg

Year: 2019



Amel works in a factory in Tunis. She lives with her alcoholic husband Tahar, a former local football star, and their only son Moumen, a talented teenage football player. To convince the boss of the factory to provide her with connections for her son, Amel betrays her fellow workers, who have been organising a strike. Amel meets the connection: Adel, a businessman, who takes advantage of the situation and abuses Amel. But the police catch them, the scandal goes viral, and Amel is imprisoned, accused of adultery and prostitution. After her release, she searches for Moumen in the violent streets of Tunis. During her journey, Amel has to face the fall of Tunisian society.



Script : Mehdi Hmili

Director : Mehdi Hmili


Cast : 

Benyahia Iheb, Jafri Abel, Ben Mahmoud Afef, Yacoubi Hichem, Baccar Slim


Co-produced by Yol Film House (TN), Street Production (TN), MPM Film (FR) and Tarantula Luxembourg.


International Sales : MPM Premium