A film by Jeroen Perceval, 2021

Genre: /

Langues: Dutch

Sous-titres: French

Durée: 95 min

Pays: Belgium, Netherlands

Année: 2020



Fourteen-year-old drug dealer Johnny is staying in a home for young people with a difficult home situation. He dreams of a better life. One day he gets the famous successful actor Antony as a regular customer. A bond develops between them and both decide to take a different path.



Director: Jeroen Perceval

Screenplay: Jeroen Perceval
Images: David Williamson

Decors: Bart Van Loo

Costumes: Manon Blom

Make-up: Dorien Van Poucke
Sound: Yanna Soentjens
Editing: Maarten Jaanssens
Mixer: Peter Flamman

Cast : 

Johnny                    Sverre Rous

Anthony                  Ben Segers

Youssef                    Ayman Sitiane

Yousra                    Hannah Macpherson

Luca                        Bart Hollanders

Eva                          Veerle Baetens

Produced by Savage Film

Co-produced by Tarantula Belgique and The Film Kitchen (NL)


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