Mich’s kitchen

A film by Diana Nilles, 2017

Genre: Drame

Languages: Luxembourgish

Subtitles: French / English

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: 15 min

Country: Luxembourg

Year: 2017




Down-and-out Mich (45) is working in a soup kitchen when Fadi, a Syrian refugee, causes some disturbance by cutting the line. When Mich’s bag disappears that same day, he begins to suspect Fadi. In a haze of alcohol and spurred on by his friends, Mich wanders the streets in search for his bag.



Director : Diana Nilles

Screenplay : Diana Nilles & David Henrichs

DOP : Nikos Welter

Decors : Ulrika Debatisse

Costumes : Carine Cerglaski

Make-up : Meva Zabun

Editing : Amine Jaber


Cast : 


Mich : Jules Werner

Fadi : Ramzi Choukair

Tom : Ivo Moraschini

Luc : Mike Elcheroth

Jemp : Michel Tereba

Jerry : Ben Scheltgen

Francine : Martine Kohn

Thierry : Georges Nixon



Born in Russia and raised in Luxembourg, Diana holds a BA in Drama and English from Royal Holloway University, an MA from Queen Mary University in English Literature and Politics as well as a Filmmaking MA from the London Film School. Additionally, she has lived and volunteered in Thai Mueang (Thailand) for 6 months, teaching English. After graduating, Diana worked as a freelance writer and director for documentary and fiction projects in London and Luxembourg. As a Film Director, Diana predominantly wishes to make social realist films, always pushing boundaries to show the lives and issues of real people in order to create socially challenging stories that have an impact on the societies we live in.