Global Project

A film by Ivo Marques Ferreira, 2024

Genre: Historic drama / Thriller

Languages: Portuguese / Spanish / German

Subtitles: English or French or Luxemburgish

Format: Digital – 2K

Sound: 5.1

Duration: 6 x 45 min + 90 min film

Countries: Portugal, Luxembourg

Year: 2024



In Portugal, in the 1970s, an armed far-left organisation is shaking the whole country for its dreams, which will soon turn into a nightmare.



Script: Ivo Marques Ferreira & Helder Beja

Director: Ivo Marques Ferreira

DOP: Vasco Viana

Editing: Sandro Aguilar


Cast: Jani Zhao, Rodrigo Tomás, José Pimentão, Isaac Graça, Hugo Bentes


Produced by O Som e a Fúria (Portugal) and Tarantula (Luxembourg).


Sales Agent: Match Factory



Ivo M. Ferreira was born in 1975. The son of a couple of actors, he studied at the António Arroio Art High School, the London Film School and the University of Budapest, all of which he left to travel. During a trip to China, he directed and produced his first documentary. In addition to Portugal, he has filmed in Angola, Indonesia and China. His filmography includes O ESTRANGEIRO [2010], ÁGUAS MIL [2009], VAI COM O VENTO [2009], FIOS DE FIAR [2006], SALTO EM BARREIRA [2004], À PROCURA DE SABINO [2003], SOIA DI PRÍNCIPE [2002], EM VOLTA [2002], ANGOLA EM CENA [2002] and O QUE FOI? [1998].