La Différence, c’est que c’est pas pareil

A film by Pascal Laëthier, 2008

Genre: Comedy / Drama

Languages: French

Running time: 90 min

Countries: France, Luxembourg, Belgique

Year: 2008

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After several years in the United States, Sylvain heads back to France to attend his grandson’s christening. He wastes no time trying to catch up with his ex-wife and their children, but not everyone is pleased by his unexpected return…



Director: Pascal Laëthier
Script: Pascal Laëthier, Sandrine Martin et Guillaume Adler
DOP: Philippe Guilbert
Sound: Dirk Bombay, Ingo Dumlich, Alek Goosse
Editor: Virginie Bruant
Music: David Laborier




Sylvain : François Berléand

Anne : Clémentine Célarié

Agnès : Audrey Dana

Pierre : Eric Savin

Diane : Claire Nebout

Claire : Armelle Deutsch

Paul : Atmen Kelif

The Grand-father : Roger Dumas

Lise : Alexandra Ansidei


Produced by Véronique Rofe (Librisfilm), Jean-Luc Van Damme (Banana Films), Donato Rotunno (Tarantula).