A film by Igor Gabriel & Brecht Goyvaerts, 2019

Genre: Dark Comedy

Languages: French

Subtitles: xxx

Format: xxx

Sound: xxx

Duration: 8 min

Countries: Belgium

Year: 2019



Tito, a 18 years old man with deafness, quadrilles the city on his scooter. He resells old electric cables pilfered on building sites. Tito does the job but it’s his father, Stipè, 58 years old, who pockets the profits. In exchange, Stipè inculcates selective sorting in the hard way. After the harassment and humiliation, Tito has come for the hour of revenge inspired by his father’s bad manners.



Director: Igor Gabriel & Brecht Goyvaerts

Screenplay: Igor Gabriel

Image: Brecht Goyvaerts

Sound: Céline Bodson

Production Designer: Paul Rouschop

Costumes: Lena Rouschop

Make-up: Charlotte Durieux

Editing: xxx

Music: The Welders

Set photographer : Michael Briglio


Cast: Axel Capite, Fabian Marnette, Mireille Bailly


Produced by Tarantula Belgique.



Igor Gabriel has been working for many years as a production designer and has worked on many projects at Tarantula. He also worked on a large part of the Dardenne brothers’ films. The filmmaking community gave him the desire to be the author of his project and with the help of Brecht Goyvaerts, met on the set of “Cleo”, to carry the realisation.


Since 2012, Antwerp’s Brecht Goyvaerts is director of photography over several short films and TV shows. In 2017, he works on “Cleo” from Eva Cools and “Bastaard” from Mathieu Mortelmans. By getting involved upon “Scraphead”, he’s making his first film.