Secrets of War

A film by Dennis Bots, 2014

Genre: Children’s movie / Drama

Languages: Dutch or German

Subtitles: English

Running time: 95 min

Countries: The Netherlands, Luxembourg, Belgium

Year: 2014






Limburg, 1943. Twelve years old Tuur and Lambert are childhood friends living in an idyllic village during wartime. A war that separates what has lived together for so long. Tuur’s parents are secretly taking sides with the resistance while those of Lambert join the NSB. Then Maartje, a new girl who reportedly comes from the west, enters the lives of the boys. She has a big secret and decides only to share that with Tuur. A choice that drives the boys apart and eventually brings Maartje in great danger. Not only will Tuur probably lose his friendship with Lambert, but his whole family could be at risk. He will have to do everything in his power to save both.



Director : Dennis Bots

DOP : Rolf Dekens
Costumes : Uli Simon
Decors : Kurt Loyens
Make-up : Katja Reinert
Editing : Peter Alderliesten
Music : Andre Dziezuk




Tuur Rademakers: Maas Bronkhuyzen

Lambert Nijskens: Joes Brauers

Maartje Driessen: Pippa Allen


Produced by Bijker Film et Rinkel Film (The Netherlands)
Co-produced by Tarantula Luxembourg & Living Stone (Belgium)


International Sales : Sola Media


Maartje est nouvelle dans l’école de Lambert et Tuur - ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula
Maartje dévoile son secret à Tuur - ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula
- ©Tarantula


TIFF (Canada)

Netherlands Film Festival (Pays-Bas)
Award : Golden Calf Special Jury Award

Buster Film Festival (Danemark)

Kristiansand Film Festival (Norvège)

Film Movement (USA)

Chicago International Children's Film Festival (U.S.A)
Award : Adult Jury Prize — Live-action Feature Film

Castellinaria Film Festival (Suisse)
Award : Castello d'Oro award

UK Jewish Film Festival Hong-Kong (Chine)

Norwegian FF Movies on War (Norvège)

Gijón Film Festival (Espagne)

IJFF (International Jewish Film Festival) (Autralie)

Festival du film pour enfants à Chemnitz, Schlingel (Allemagne)

Ale Kino Int'l Youth Film Festival (Pologne)

Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival (Israel)

UK Jewish Film Festival Hong-Kong (Chine)

Norwegian FF Movies on War (Norvège)

Gijón Film Festival (Espagne)





“Showing war from the point of view of children is nothing new, but “Secrets of War” manages to set up an interesting triangle that captures how the “forever” of young friendships can quickly dissolve into pain and confusion.”

Jamie S. Rich / Oregon Live